Universal Audio OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator

Dynamic Speaker Modelling Guitar Pedal

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Stereo guitar pedal that incorporates Dynamic Speaker Modeling, offering 22 distinctive speaker cabinets, six vintage microphones, and a comprehensive suite of studio-quality effects including reverb, delay, EQ, modulation, and 1176 compression, all accessible and customizable through the UAFX Control app.

At a glance

  • Dynamic Speaker Modeling
  • 22 Speaker Cabinets
  • Six Vintage Microphones
  • Full-Featured Studio-Quality Reverb
  • Studio-Quality Delay
  • Studio-Quality EQ
  • Modulation Effects
  • 1176 Compression
  • Control via UAFX Control App

The Universal Audio OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator is the perfect companion to the OX Amp Top Box. This pedal caters to "amp-in-a-box" enthusiasts, offering a rich pro studio experience right at your feet, featuring genuine-sounding guitar cabinets, microphones, room modelling, and high-quality studio effects.

Say Goodbye to Static-Sounding IRs

Universal Audio's innovative Dynamic Speaker Modeling transcends the limitations of one-dimensional captures, accurately mimicking speaker breakup, drive, and cone cry. It delivers harmonics and tonal complexity that rival the pristine quality of a professionally miked speaker cabinet.

Experience Award-winning Room Emulation

OX Stomp places a carefully chosen array of close condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphones on your cabinets. Moreover, the sole effects pedal provides a comprehensive selection of room microphones with Dynamic Room Modeling. This creates the genuine sensation of moving air while you record your cranked amp in a world-class tracking room.

Expand the Tones of any Amp-in-a-Box Modeller.

Whether you employ a UAFX amp emulator pedal, other popular amp modellers, multi-effects units, or even the preamp line out of your preferred amp, OX Stomp offers an array of over 100 meticulously curated RIG setups. These setups deliver inspiring sounds suitable for any amp type or musical genre right out of the box.

Enjoy Studio-Quality Effects

In addition to its microphone and speaker cabinet modelling, OX Stomp empowers you to craft captivating guitar tones using UA effects such as authentic 1176 compression, plate reverb, chorus, flange, three distinct delay types, and a four-band EQ complete with high and low-cut filters.

Customize your OX Stomp with a Full-Featured Mobile App

. This app enables you to effortlessly swap between cabinets and microphones, fine-tune your effects, assign RIG presets, and configure footswitches for instant sound and effect changes, granting your pedalboard the versatility of a professional studio's tonal variety.

Add a Studio Full of Vintage & Modern Cabs and Microphones

OX Stomp offers an extensive range of options, from the 1x10 Black Cha (Fender Super Champ with a vintage Fender "Blue") to the 4x12 CA VEE 30 (Mesa/Boogie Recto large cab with Celestion Vintage 30s), ensuring you have access to nearly every conceivable tone:

  • 1x10 Black Cha (Fender Super Champ w/ vintage Fender "Blue")
  • 1x12 Blue J ('55 Fender Tweed Deluxe w/ vintage Jensen P12R)
  • 1x12 GB25 ('55 Fender Tweed Deluxe w/ vintage Celestion "Greenback")
  • 1x12 Blu 15 ('55 Fender Tweed Deluxe w/ reissue Celestion Alnico "Blue")
  • 1x12 Black D-ux (Mid-'60s Fender Deluxe Reverb w/ vintage Oxford 12K5-6)
  • 1x12 Black GB30 (Fender Princeton II w/ Celestion G12H)
  • 2x10 V-ux (Late-'60s Fender Vibrolux w/ stock vintage Fender "Blues")
  • 2x12 Two Verb (Late-'60s Fender Twin Reverb w/ vintage Jensen C12Ns)
  • 2x12 Black 8H (Custom Altec cabinet w/ vintage Altec 8H Series IIs)
  • 2x12 Ace Top (Mid-'60s Vox AC30 w/ vintage Celestion "SIlver Bulldogs")
  • 2x12 Boutique D65 (Two-Rock extension cab w/ Celestion G12-65s)
  • 2x12 Alnico 50 (Fender closed-back extension cab w/ Eminence EJ1250s)
  • 4x10 Bman ('59 Fender Bassman w/ reissue Jensen P10Rs)
  • 4x12 GB25 Thick (Late '60s Marshall w/ vintage Celestion 25-watt "Greenbacks")
  • 4x12 GB25 Punch (Late '60s Marshall w/ vintage Celestion 25-watt "Greenbacks")
  • 4x12 Super 80 ('80s Marshall w/ Celestion 80-watt Classic Leads)
  • 4x12 White 75 ('80s Marshall w/ Celestion 75-watt Creambacks)
  • 1x12 JBG 125 (Custom-made "D" cab w/ vintage JBL G-125)
  • 2x12 JBF 120 (Late '60s Fender Twin Reverb w/ vintage JBL D-120Fs)
  • 4x12 GB 30 (Marshall "100" birch cab w/ Celestion 30-watt "Greenbacks")
  • 4x12 UK VEE 30 (Marshall 1960 TV cab w/ Celestion Vintage 30s)
  • 4x12 CA VEE 30 (Mesa/Boogie Recto large cab w/ Celestion Vintage 30s)

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