Universal Audio SD-3

Dynamic Modelling Microphone

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Versatile and compact cardioid dynamic microphone for drum and instrument recording, equipped with Hemisphere mic modelling technology, high SPL tolerance, filter, proximity, and axis controls, and includes a variety of models from famous microphones like the Shure 57 and Sennheiser 604, making it ideal for professional studios, home setups, and live performances.

At a glance

  • Compact dynamic microphone for drums, percussion, and instruments
  • Cardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis sounds
  • Get the sounds of popular dynamic mics with Hemisphere mic modelling
  • Hand-selected dynamic capsules to handle extreme SPL
  • Includes stand mount and storage pouch
  • Rugged all-metal construction and stylish UA craftsmanship

The Universal Audio SD-3 is a compact cardioid dynamic microphone for drum and instrument recording. It features Hemisphere mic modelling technology, high SPL tolerance, and a range of included accessories.

The Universal Audio SD-3 dynamic modelling microphone delivers studio-quality instrument recordings. Harness the authentic sound of the most popular microphones made with Hemisphere mic modelling technology. Achieve pristine results in any environment, from pro rooms and home studios to stages. Find your perfect sound easily using filter, proximity, and axis controls.

Record Through Five Workhorse Mics

SD-3 utilises the same mic modelling technology found in Universal Audio’s award-winning UA Sphere microphones. The included Hemisphere Mic Collection makes it the only dynamic modelling mic that delivers the authentic sound of famous dynamics from Shure, Sennheiser, and Audix.

A Modelling Mic That Works for You

SD-3 and the included Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in function with or without UA hardware, offering precise control over the filter, proximity, and axis. Set up SD-3 and use the plug-in to find the "sweet spot" for a guitar cab or tame harsh frequencies on a snare or tom drum.

Easily Capture Your Best Sounds

Universal Audio fine-tuned the cardioid polar pattern on SD-3 for various environments. Whether it's your bedroom, project, pro studio, or even the stage, SD-3’s ultra-high SPL tolerance and exceptional isolation provide iconic "sit-in-the-mix" sounds heard on countless hits. Its compact size ensures perfect mic placement in tight spaces.

Add a Pro Mic with Vintage Style

With all-metal construction, retro fit and finish, and hand-selected capsules, the SD-3 stands apart from other "workhorse dynamics," making it a trusted partner perfect for capturing nearly any source.

Included Hemisphere Mic Models

  • DN-57: This microphone, which has been the best-selling microphone since 1965, is based on a recent production model and is ideal for blending with other mics to achieve a balanced sound.
  • DN-545: Featuring the Unidyne III capsule, used extensively on The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and other recordings from that era.
  • DN-604: A current production European-made model, perfect for snare and tom drums.
  • DN-409U: Suited to electric guitar amps with a smooth top and low-end response below 100 Hz for a balanced mix.
  • DN-4: A modern compact instrument mic with a three-position filter, great for toms, guitar cabinets, and snare drums.

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