Universal Audio SD-5

Dynamic Modelling Microphone

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The Universal Audio SD-5 is a professional supercardioid dynamic microphone designed specifically for kick drums and bass amps. It features Hemisphere mic modelling technology, high SPL tolerance, and included accessories.

Capture Iconic Kick and Bass Tones

With the SD-5, you can easily record the punch and heft of your kick drums, bass amps, and other low-end instruments. This classic dynamic mic, equipped with a supercardioid polar pattern and high SPL handling, offers best-in-class Hemisphere mic modelling to deliver professional sound in any recording environment.

Record Through Five Iconic Kick Mics

The SD-5 utilises the same mic modelling technology found in Universal Audio’s award-winning UA Sphere microphones. The included Hemisphere Mic Collection provides the authentic sound of renowned dynamic mics from Shure, Audix, and AKG.

Precision Modelling for Optimal Performance

The SD-5 and the Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in operate seamlessly with or without UA hardware. It offers precise control over filter, proximity, and axis settings, helping you quickly find the “sweet spot” for your kick drum or bass amp.

Capture Superior Bass Sounds Easily

Universal Audio has fine-tuned the SD-5’s supercardioid polar pattern for stage and studio use. Its ultra-high SPL capability and exceptional isolation ensure you capture your instrument's thump, tone, and transients without bleeding from other sources.

A Professional Mic with Vintage Style

Constructed with an all-metal body, retro styling, and hand-selected capsules, the SD-5 is reliable for capturing valuable low-end frequencies with decades of solid performance.

Included Hemisphere Mic Models

DN-12A: Based on a popular 1950s dynamic microphone, favoured by producer John Leckie for use alongside a 421 on kick drums.

DN-112: This Austrian-made kick drum microphone is considered an industry standard. It has extended low-frequency capture and a clear top-end presence.

DN-6: Modelled on an American kick drum mic, ideal for tight, syncopated metal genres with its deep bass and heavily contoured sound.

DN-52: Based on a current production version of the American 52-style kick drum microphone, providing balanced sound and extended low frequency capture.

DN-SUB: Based on a studio trick using a reversed full-range speaker driver for extended sub frequency capture, now simplified with the SD-5 and Hemisphere plug-in.

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