Universal Audio Sphere LX

Precision Microphone Modelling System

CAP2: 94500.0
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Powerful recording system lets you model classic large diaphragm condenser microphones with stunning accuracy.

At a glance

  • Record with 20 of the most sought-after microphones ever made
  • Change mic type, polar pattern, and other characteristics, even after tracking
  • Use Dual Mode for rich-sounding mic combinations on snare drums and guitar cabs
  • Add the ultimate modelling mic to your collection, with dual gold-sputtered diaphragms and the lowest noise of any mic in its class

The Universal Audio Sphere LX Modelling Microphone captures the sound of some of the most coveted ribbon, condenser, and dynamic microphones in music recording history.

The Universal Audio Sphere LX provides your studio with a quality, large-diaphragm condenser microphone that is precision-built to provide years of inspiration for your music, podcasts, and voiceovers with 20 renowned mic models from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Sony, and others.

The Sphere LX enables you to test traditional microphones before, during, and after recording with any interface in any DAW. This can be performed with near-zero latency when used with an Apollo interface.

The Dual Mode of the Sphere LX allows for the blending of two mono mics as well as the creation of classic-sounding mic compositions for snare drums and guitar cabs.

IsoSphere with its expert-designed presets for everything from your home studio to popular isolation filters like sE Reflexion Filters, Aston Halo, Kaotica Eyeball*, and others makes removing ambient colouration for cleaner, more professional recordings a breeze.

The Sphere LX mic comes with a 10' cable, mic stand mount, and carrying case right out of the box, so you'll recreate the sound of famous microphones in no time.

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