Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor

Compressor Guitar Pedal

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Professional-grade stompbox that faithfully replicates the iconic UA 1176 compression in three modes, offering precision and versatility. Its vintage-inspired controls, parallel processing capability, and true/buffered bypass option enhance its professional appeal. It is suitable for diverse musical genres and features adjustable Attack and Release settings, infinite Ratio options, and the renowned "all buttons in" mode for nuanced sound shaping. Built for reliability on stage and in the studio, it embodies the legacy of the original hardware while providing a professional-grade toolset for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, making it a top-tier choice in the world of compression pedals.

At a glance

  • The world-renowned UA 1176 in pedal form
  • Get three legendary 1176 setups in a single pedal for the same timeless tones heard on classic records
  • Elevate your clean tones and add iconic squeeze to any genre with simple controls and infinite ratio settings
  • Switchable true/buffered bypass and compact pedalboard-friendly design for versatile use on stage and in the studio

The Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Compressor Pedal represents a pinnacle of audio engineering, encapsulating the essence of the revered UA 1176 compression in a compact, state-of-the-art stompbox. This multifaceted pedal offers a trio of compression modes - Single, Dual, and Sustain - meticulously crafted to deliver authenticity and precision. The interface is elegantly designed with vintage-inspired controls, a parallel processing option, and a choice between true/buffered bypass, making it a true paragon of audio versatility.

Across genres and playing styles, the 1176 Studio Compressor pedal exhibits its prowess, from the fluid '70s slides to the intricate nuances of chicken-picking and the rhythmic finesse of funk. The adjustable Attack and Release parameters, an infinite Ratio range, and the famed "all buttons in" mode grant you access to timeless sonic signatures and an endless spectrum of creative expressions.

Beyond its sonic finesse, this pedal embodies unwavering reliability for live performances and studio endeavours. It incorporates a selectable true/buffered bypass function and an integrated parallel compression mode, all encapsulated in a pedalboard-friendly chassis. It is a masterful recreation of the iconic hardware, meticulously preserving its legacy while providing a distinctly professional toolset for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. The UAFX 1176 Compressor Pedal is an embodiment of audio excellence that seamlessly bridges the past and the present.

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