Universal Audio UAFX Evermore Studio Reverb

Studio Reverb Guitar Pedal

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Compact and stylish guitar effects pedal that faithfully captures the iconic '80s digital reverb sound, offering three vintage program emulations for creating grainy ambient trails and modulations. Built on Universal Audio's Golden Reverberator algorithms, this pedal delivers authentic ambient effects found in classic guitar recordings. It features user-friendly controls for customizing ambience, including Treble, Mid, and Bass decay lines, and a Mod control for adding "early-digital" textures. The pedal's robust design includes a switchable true/trails bypass, short/long Pre-delay switch, and analogue dry through. Overall, it's a timeless and reliable addition to any guitarist's setup, showcasing Universal Audio's dedication to craftsmanship and sonic excellence.

At a glance

  • An iconic '80s digital reverb reborn
  • Three emulations of vintage Room, Small Hall, or Large Hall programs
  • Vintage correct decay lines for precise ambience sculpting
  • Mod control for mesmerising "early-digital" textures

The Universal Audio UAFX Evermore Studio Reverb Pedal is a compact and elegantly designed guitar effects pedal that brings the authentic sound of an iconic '80s digital reverb to your pedalboard. With its three emulations of vintage Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall programs, this pedal captures the grainy ambient trails and mesmerising modulations that defined the sound of that era.

Drawing on the award-winning algorithms of the legendary Golden Reverberator, the Evermore Studio Reverb transports you into a world of stunning ambient effects that have left an indelible mark on the guitar landscape. These timeless tones are now at your disposal, ready to shape your musical journey.

Three Classic Digital Programs at Your Command The Evermore Studio Reverb places three distinct digital programs at your fingertips: Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall. Each program painstakingly replicates vintage hardware units' unique spatial qualities and atmospheres. To tailor your ambience precisely to your liking, the pedal offers dedicated Treble, Mid, and Bass decay controls, enabling you to dial in just the right amount of reverb—whether you seek subtle background enhancement or adventurous sonic landscapes.

Crafted to endure a lifetime of musical performances, the Evermore Studio Reverb boasts a rugged and dependable construction. Its switchable true/trails bypass feature seamlessly integrates into your setup, allowing you to toggle between the effect and bypass modes without interruption. The short/long Pre-delay switch empowers you to fine-tune the timing of your reflections, expanding the versatility of your reverb sound. Furthermore, the pedal includes an analogue dry-through function, preserving the integrity of your original signal.

The Evermore Studio Reverb introduces the Mod control, infusing your guitar tone with lush and grainy "early-digital" textures. This feature encourages exploration, offering unique and inspiring sounds that add depth and character to your musical expression.

Exemplifying Universal Audio's hallmark design and craftsmanship, the UAFX Evermore Studio Reverb pedal is a testament to reliability and enduring style. Built to withstand the demands of the road while delivering exceptional audio performance, this pedal will stand as a steadfast companion for years to come.

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