Universal Audio UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo

Vintage Tremolo Guitar Pedal

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Compact and versatile guitar effects pedal that offers three authentic tube-driven tremolo effects, including a thick harmonic tremolo, a perfect tube amp emulation, and modern choppy textures. In addition to its tube preamp emulation for warm, three-dimensional sound, the pedal features tap tempo, a volume boost, and switchable true/trails bypass, making it a comprehensive and reliable tool for guitarists seeking a wide range of tremolo effects in a compact stompbox.

The Universal Audio UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo is a versatile guitar effects pedal designed to deliver three distinct tube-driven tremolo effects with various flavors and modern features in a compact stompbox format. Explore the world of vintage and modern tremolo with this dapper addition to your pedalboard.

Dive into Three Authentic Tube Tremolo Flavors

Derived from our flagship Astra Modulation Machine, the Flow Vintage Tremolo pedal provides you with an array of tube-driven tremolo effects, spanning from classic vintage vibes to modern nuances.

1. Dharma - Thick Harmonic Tremolo

Transport yourself to the lush, chewy throb of early '60s American "brown" amplifiers. Dharma delivers a rich blend of volume fluctuation and phase shifting, extending beyond the original circuit, making it an ideal choice for vintage soul, surf, and even Uni-Vibe textures.*

2. 65 - Perfect Tube Amp Tremolo

Immerse yourself in meticulously recreating a classic 1965 American tube amp's optical tremolo circuit. Experience the iconic pulsating shimmer, making it the most famous "vibrato" ever created. It sounds just like your favourite old records.

3. Square - Modern, Choppy Textures 

Built from the ground up using our proprietary virtual optical photocell, Square mode offers the rippling beauty of square waveforms. Dive into rhythmic tremolo effects that enhance various genres, from modern pop and R&B to blues and indie rock.

Authentic Tube Preamp Emulation

Flow Vintage Tremolo also features the warmth and complexity of a tube preamp, reminiscent of early and mid-'60s American combo amplifiers. This adds a three-dimensional and musical quality to your tremolo effects, ensuring they are both expressive and rich in character.

Built for the Road - Compact and Rugged 

Crafted for years of reliable performance, the Flow Vintage Tremolo is designed to withstand the demands of the stage. It comes equipped with switchable true/trails bypass, tap tempo, and a "make up gain" Volume control, ensuring that your tremolo effects cut through the mix and remain a staple of your sound for years to come.

Elevate your guitar playing with the Universal Audio UAFX Flow Vintage Tremolo, and explore the captivating world of tube-driven tremolo in a conveniently compact stompbox.

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