Universal Audio UAFX LA-2A Studio Compressor

Compressor Guitar Pedal

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Guitar pedal that faithfully recreates the iconic sound of the original optical Teletronix LA-2A tube limiter, offering precise voicing and a classic feel. With the ability to provide gentle dynamics control and natural sustain for various instruments, it replicates the three-dimensional sound of the original hardware, complete with transformers, tubes, and optical cell distortions. The pedal infuses warmth into your tone, even without compression, effectively pushing tube amplifiers into harmonically rich overdrive. It is designed for rugged durability and includes features like a switchable bypass, a quick attack option, and a Mix control for easy parallel compression, ensuring decades of legendary limiting effects.

At a glance

  • Authentic emulation of iconic Teletronix LA-2A optical tube compressor/limiter, captured in a compact stompbox
  • Perfectly captured end-to-end emulation of vintage transformers, tube amplifiers, and T4 optical cell for fat, three-dimensional tube tones
  • Mix control for easy parallel compression effects
  • True/buffered bypass, Stock/Fast attack switch
  • Timeless UA design and craftsmanship, built for years of reliable performance

The Universal Audio UAFX Teletronix LA-2A Studio Compressor is a guitar pedal that faithfully recreates the legendary sound of our optical tube limiter. Voiced to match the original hand-wired hardware precisely, it delivers all the inspiring tone and classic feel you'd expect right at your feet.

Experience Subtle Dynamics Control and Organic Sustain

This pedal lets you enjoy gentle dynamics control and natural sustain, whether playing ringing clean tones and single-note guitar lines or seeking to add focus to your bass, synths, and keys. The Teletronix LA-2A enhances your instruments like no other compressor, providing that big, three-dimensional sound that made the original hardware famous, complete with its transformers, tubes, and T4 optical cell distortions, all conveniently on your pedalboard.

Infuse Your Sound with the Warmth of a Vintage Tube Circuit

Even without applying compression, the Teletronix LA-2A elevates your tone with the bold tube thickening characteristic of vintage tube circuits. It can easily push your already-cooking tube amplifier into a juicy overdrive, rich in harmonics and colour.

Compression, Compact and Rugged

Built for durability, the Teletronix LA-2A Studio Compressor is a tough, compact stompbox designed for years of trouble-free performance. It features a switchable true/buffer bypass, a Stock/Fast switch for quicker attack times, and a Mix control for easy parallel compression. This pedal ensures you can enjoy the legendary limiting effects of the Teletronix LA-2A for decades to come.

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