Universal Audio UAFX Heavenly Plate Reverb

Plate Reverb Guitar Pedal

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Reverb pedal offers a compact yet powerful gateway to the vintage studio plate reverb era with three meticulously crafted emulations of iconic 1950s studio plates, delivering a haunting ambience reminiscent of hit records. Packed with versatile features like true/trails bypass, pre-delay adjustment, analogue dry-through, and modifiable controls for EQ and rate, this pedal, born from the acclaimed Golden Reverberator, stands out among plate effect pedals. It captures the rich, moody sound of 1950s German-made studio plate reverbs and offers a spectrum of tones from vintage bright to modern full, ensuring that perfect shimmer and tonality are easily attainable. Built for durability, it includes a switchable bypass and analogue dry-through, promising a lifetime of divine plate reverb effects both on stage and in the studio.

At a glance

  • Emulate '50s studio plate reverbs
  • Choose from three distinct plate reverb settings for endless textures
  • Sculpt your ideal reverb with intuitive Mod, Pre-delay, EQ, and Rate controls
  • Built to last with rugged construction and switchable true/trails bypass

The Universal Audio UAFX Heavenly Plate Reverb Pedal is a sonic masterpiece that offers an exquisite journey through the golden era of vintage studio plate reverbs. With three meticulously crafted emulations straight from the annals of hit records, this pedal is your gateway to ethereal soundscapes.

Unleash the power of true/trails bypass, pre-delay adjustment, analogue dry-through processing, and a suite of controls, including mod, EQ, and rate adjustments. The Heavenly Plate Reverb Pedal is a true revelation, born from the celebrated Golden Reverberator, designed to encapsulate the haunting ambience of 1950s studio plates that graced countless chart-toppers, all within a conveniently compact stomp-box.

Drawing upon the illustrious algorithms that define Universal Audio's flagship Golden Reverberator, the Heavenly Plate Reverb Pedal offers an unrivalled sonic tapestry reminiscent of those iconic German-made studio plate reverbs from the 1950s. Its authentic, moody character distinguishes it from other run-of-the-mill "plate effect" pedals.

With vintage bright, vintage dark, and modern full settings at your fingertips, you can paint your sonic canvas with a vibrant spectrum of classic plate reverb tones. Achieve that perfect shimmer, precisely tailored tonality, and breathtaking depth through intuitive pre-delay, EQ, modulation, and rate controls.

The Heavenly Plate Reverb Pedal boasts rugged construction, built to withstand the stage's rigours and the studio's demands. It features switchable true/trails bypass functionality and analogue dry-through processing, ensuring that your divine plate reverb effects will endure for a lifetime of musical enchantment.

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