Used Apogee Symphony A8MP 8 Channel Mic Preamp Module

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Preamp module for Symphony I/O system Mac users featuring 8 digitally controlled Preamps, 85dB of gain, 4 Hi-Z instruments inputs and 8 digitally assignable inserts


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The Apogee Symphony 8-channel Mic Pre Module is an eight-channel microphone module to fit the Symphony I/O Base Chassis interface, for Mac users.

Not only equipped with high quality preamps offering 85dB of gain, the Apogee Symphony Mic Pre Module contains four line inputs, eight inserts, HPF and a Soft Limit, as well.

Using the flexible Apogee Symphony system allows you to choose your Apogee Symphony Base Chassis from one of four models, then tailor your requirements further by outfitting it with 6 different options for controlling your DAW access. To the Symphony Base Chassis, you can add either the Symphony Mic Pre Module for the sweet-sounding preamps or a variety of AD/DA conversions, giving you a very cost-effective flexible solution to your needs.

The commitment to outstanding quality has been ably demonstrated by previous Apogee releases and the fact that it was there from the very dawn of digital shows just how well regarded it is by professional users - by thriving since then.

The Apogee Symphony 8-channel Mic Pre Module features its clean, quiet and dependable preamps doing what they do best - being invisible.

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