Used Lynx Hilo Thunderbolt LT-TB2

Reference A/D D/A Converter System

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2 Channel Reference AD/DA Converter with Analogue/AES/ADAT/SPDIF and TB connectivity., 2 Channel Reference AD/DA Converter with Analogue/AES/ADAT/SPDIF and USB connectivity.


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At a glance

  • Hilo is a 3 in one unit – AD converter, DA converter and Headphone with its own dedicated D/A converter.
  • There are three sets of analogue outputs: main analogue output, monitor output (with volume) and headphone output (with volume)
  • The flexible digital I/O section offers the choice of AES/EBU, SPDIF by coax or TOSLINK optical, or ADAT formats
  • The innovative design of the analogue stage and converter topology allow ultra-low noise and distortion specifications
  • A 480 x 272 pixel LCD touch screen for operation and monitoring
  • A 32 channel internal mixer in the updatable FPGA
  • 12 total inputs, 16 total outputs plus 32 channels possible via LSlot.
  • AC powered with Battery operation available
  • Open-ended software for future measurement, metering, diagnostic and personalization features using the touch screen LCD.

The Lynx Studio Technology Hilo is a reference A/D D/A Converter System with pristine, open, transparent audio quality.

The Lynx Hilo (pronounced HE-low) provides two channels of mastering-quality analogue-to-digital conversion, up to eight channels of digital-to-analogue conversion, a secondary monitor output, and a world-class independent headphone amplifier in a compact half-rack size. A first for the two-channel pro converter market, Hilo's innovative 480 x 272 touchscreen provides a flexible and intuitive interface that can adapt to a particular application and be easily upgraded with enhancements and new features.

The completely new design of the analogue stages and converter topology for Hilo breaks new ground in lowering distortion and noise while maintaining transparency for A/D and D/A conversion. Beyond that, Hilo offers extensive I/O capabilities and utilizes the latest FPGA technology with vast resources for control, routing, and signal processing capabilities. Diagnostic and analysis tools for Hilo. The LCD screen is a natural interface for these functions.

The digital or analogue inputs can be routed to three separate outputs: Line Output (with 8 trim settings), Monitor Output, and Headphone Output. The Monitor and Headphone Outputs have volume controls, accessible via faders on the touchscreen or the single knob on the front (offering control in ¬Ω dB increments). Another innovation is that the Headphone section has its own dedicated D/A converter. This supports the creation of 32-channel headphone mixes independent of the main and monitor outputs and provides specifications that rival those of dedicated headphone amps costing $1500 and more.

Hilo has 12 inputs, 16 outputs, and 32 channels, possibly via its LSlot port. The unit's FPGA powers its internal 32-channel mixer, which allows Hilo to offer the most versatile I/O and routing in the two-channel converter genre. This is just the beginning of the innovation.

In contrast to the concentrated and intricate back panel, Hilo's front panel is simple. It has a power switch, headphone jack, multipurpose control and a 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution LCD touchscreen. This high-resolution screen does much more than replace buttons on most other converters' front panels. Of course, it handles the basic settings and routing functions, clocking and level settings. The main control screen has ten tabs for all these, plus five stereo meter sets and faders for the monitor and headphone outputs. Beyond this first screen is where you see more of Hilo's innovation and versatility.

A second-meter screen shows just two larger bar-graph style stereo VU meters. Any input or output set can be assigned to each meter. In addition to bar-graph meters common on most converters, Hilo's touchscreen can show more traditional metering types, such as old-style VU meters. Diagnostic screens, such as real-time analyzers, phase meters, and loudness meters, are also in development. As with all other Lynx products, Hilo is FPGA-based, meaning new features, capabilities, and graphics can be added anytime with a simple download.

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