VDC Wordclock BNC-BNC 3m [110-064-000]

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At a glance

  • Van Damme UP-OFC 6.00mm Plasma Grade Standard 75 Ohm coax – 6 colours
  • Suitable for analogue and SMPTE 292M SDI use up to 100 metres
  • Terminated with Van Damme 2GHz precision male BNCs with orange strain reliefs
  • Used by Abbey Road and the BBC.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Van Damme Wordclock BNC to BNCuses Standard 75 Ohm Plasma Grade Video Coax high-resolution cable ensures precision performance and flexibility.

With a lifetime warranty, these cables are soldered at Van Damme's workshop in North London to an uncompromising standard.

Van Damme cables are trusted by professionals and recording studios worldwide, including Abbey Road and the BBC.

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