VDC TRS-XLRM 3m [101-033-300]

Balanced Audio Cable

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SP-OFC 6.35mm Tour Grade Classic XKE mic cable, Neutrik TRS jack NP3X to male XLR NC3MXX

The Van Damme 1/4" TRS Jack to male XLR uses balanced Tour Grade Classic XKE Microphone cable which provides superior flexibility durability as well as noiseless operation.

With a lifetime warranty, these cables are soldered at Van Damme's workshop in North London to an uncompromising standard.

Van Damme cables are trusted by professionals and recording studios wolrdwide including Abbey Road and the BBC.

Van Damme 1/4" TRS Jack to male XLR Main Features:

  • Tour Grade SP-OFC Classic XKE mic cable
  • Analogue pre-jacketed cable
  • Extremely flexible, sonically transparent
  • Neutrik 1/4" Jack and XLR Connectors soldered in North London
  • Used by Abbey Road and the BBC.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
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