Verbos Electronics Eurorack Touchplate Keyboard

Eurorack Touchplate Keyboard

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The Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard is a nod to the traditions of west coast synthesis, it includes 32 notes, a pitch bender and a group of 8 tunable CV controls.

Traditionally found on Buchla instruments such as the music easel and other west coast additive synthesizers, touchplate keyboards provide a versatile playing surface for analogue instruments.

Verbos Keyboard is a eurorack compatible keyboard, designed to be mounted into a modular case. Onboard are 32 notes with three octave ranges, which can send CV, pressure, trigger and gate information.

Eight tunable CV controllers provide one shot controls for sending tuned pitch CV. The onboard bender allows you to bend the pitch of a VCO or whatever modular you think might need bending.

A very versatile keyboard controller with its roots set firmly in the traditions of west coast synthesis. Great for those who want the feel of a buchla in eurorack format.

The main features of the Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard include

Eurorack format touchplate keyboard

32 notes, 8 pitched CV one shot buttons and pitch bender

84HP wide

Requires 120mA

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