Vertigo Sound VSC-3

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The Vertigo Sound VSC-3 is stereo Quad VCA compressor and the successor of the superb VSC-2.

The Vertigo Sound VSC-3 is very similar to the sought-after VSC-2 and boasts the same Quad VCA architecture that has made its predecessor the classiest VCA compressor. When designing the VSC-3, Andi from Vertigo Sound has been very careful not to change the qualities of the original so it is completely possible to use the VSC-3 and get the same coveted sound of its predecessor.

So what’s changed? well first of all the SIFAM VU meters now discontinued have been replaced by two VU graph built in-house to achieve the same response as the SIFAM meters. This change has meant that more room was available for additional controls on the faceplate and as result, the VSC-3 sees the addition of a redesigned side-chain which now offers the choice between true stereo, mono sum or dual signal which adds further flexibility when using the side-chain filter.

But that is not all, the time constants have also been updated with the addition of four new attack release times. Attack times now range between 0.1 ms to 40ms and include the additional 5ms, 15ms, 20ms and 40ms. The release times see the addition of an additional Auto mode bringing the total to two (fast, slow) and an ultra-fast release of 0.05s (50ms) as well as additional 0.2s (200ms) and 0.5s (500ms) These additional attack and release times will add further finesse with more granularity and will make what was one of the most impressive compressors to date even more flexible.

Another great feature is the inclusion of a toggle switch allowing to choose the detection to switch between Peak and RMS modes changing dramatically the response of the compressor.

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