Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Mix Satellite Mk2

Masterbus Processor with M/S decoding and 2 stages of saturation

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Creative analogue routing, insert point and distortion unit for mixing and mastering applications.

The Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Mix Satellite Mk2 is a creative analogue tool providing flexible routing facilities and distortion for mixing and mastering applications.

The Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Mix Satellite Mk2 can be used to route the signal in a number of different creative ways for parallel processing or Mid/Side routing. Insert 1 provides a Dry/Wet control allowing for easy parallel compression and can be used in standard stereo LR or M/S modes. Insert two offers a M/S stereo width control or a standard Left/Right panning to correct uneven stereo signals.

In addition to the flexible routing, the VSM-2 also features two different distortion circuits designed to provide 2nd or 3rd order harmonics in varying degrees. The first circuit called 2nd harmonic FET crusher is designed to add some valve-like distortion to the signal while the 3rd Harmonic Zener Blender takes care of adding more aggressive type of harmonics.

Controls for these distortion circuits are identical and each circuit can be made to affect only a part of the signal from Low, mid, high-mid and Highs or the whole track. A THD blend lets you decide how much distortion is added to the signal while a built-in MS matrix allows for the distortion to affect only the Mid or Side component. A Shape filter offers further control of the distortion and can be used to filter excessive harmonics.

The Vertigo VSM-2 is far more than a routing matrix for mastering engineer or a distortion box for mixing engineers. The combination of routing and functionality make it the ideal central part of a mastering chain or masterbus section.

Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Mix Satellite Mk2 Main Features:

  • All analog, latency free processing
  • Two fully balanced inserts on XLR offering MS En & DE-coding
  • Level compensated MS En & DE-coding
  • Insert 1 provides Dry-Wet Mix control "Parallel Compression" for LR and MS
  • Insert 2 provides "M&S Stereo Width" control
  • Level compensated AFL Solo for M and S-Signal
  • All controls can be easily recalled via stepped controls, pointer knobs & fine scales
  • Hardwire bypass for all and each processing stage
  • Excellent headroom with up to +30dbu at the Ins & Outs
  • Level matching of the inputs and outputs
  • Fast input and output metering plus various clip leds
  • Color coded switch controls for easy intuitive operation
  • Superior crafted & anodized front plate in "sun orange" & blue metallic silk screen print
  • Two independent stereo coloration circuits
  • Stereo & M or S Generation of pure 2nd & 3rd harmonics
  • Each coloration generator is independently switchable to M, S or LR
  • Excessive harmonic filtering possibilities for each harmonic generator
  • RMS LED level control for equal level of harmonic generators
  • Unique "Track" mode for processing individual instruments
  • Soft & Hard clip switching capability
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