Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Basic

Masterbus Processor with M/S decoding

CAP2: 0 £4,800.00
£4,000.00 ex VAT
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"All In One"-solution for Mastering studios with no more need to invest in mastering consoles, switching devices, monitor controllers, MS En & de-coders etc.

At a glance

  • All analogue, latency-free processing
  • Two fully balanced inserts on XLR offering MS En- & DE-coding
  • Level-compensated MS En- & DE-coding
  • Insert 1 provides Dry-Wet Mix control "Parallel Compression" for LR and MS
  • Insert 2 provides "M&S Stereo Width" control
  • Level compensated AFL Solo for M and S-Signal
  • All controls can be easily recalled via stepped controls, pointer knobs & fine scales.
  • Hardwire bypass for all and each processing stage
  • Excellent headroom with up to +30dbu at the Ins & Outs
  • Level matching of the inputs and outputs
  • Fast input and output metering plus various clip LED
  • Colour-coded switch controls for easy, intuitive operation
  • Superior crafted & anodized front plate in "sun orange" & blue metallic silkscreen print

The Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Basic is a versatile and powerful analogue mix and mastering tool designed specifically for professionals in the industry. With its compact 2U size, the VSM-2 offers a range of creative features, including MS processing and blending.

Unlike traditional mastering setups requiring multiple devices such as consoles, switching devices, and monitor controllers, the VSM-2 Basic provides an all-in-one solution, eliminating additional investments. It streamlines your workflow, making achieving exceptional results in your mastering studio easier.

Crafted with the highest industry standards, the VSM-2 ensures outstanding performance and durability. Its impeccable construction guarantees reliability, allowing you to focus on your craft without worrying about technical limitations.

The VSM-2 Basic, also known as the Mix Satellite, consolidates a wealth of essential functions for mixing and mastering into a single unit. The Mix Satellite empowers users to address specific issues and apply the appropriate processing techniques efficiently. By carefully selecting the desired processing strategies, you can save time and experiment with different approaches effortlessly.

Switching between conventional stereo and MS processing is seamless, thanks to the Mix Satellite's intuitive controls. With a simple turn of a knob, you can effortlessly blend the mix with the unprocessed signal. Additionally, the Solo M&S function enables precise monitoring of the M (mid) or S (side) channels, enabling you to optimize your processing settings with precision.

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