Vertigo Sound VSP-2 Mic Preamp

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Dual mono microphone preamp featuring Vertigo Sound’s unique Twin OPA 1976 Op-amps, Jensens JT-16 Transformers delivering a big sound full of character.

The Vertigo Sound VSP-2 is a high quality dual channel microphone preamp design setting a new benchmark in microphone amplification, The Vertigo Sound VSP-2 uses a truly unique, 100% discrete Twin Op Amp circuit developed in house and named OPA 1976. The Op Amps are then coupled with legendary Jensens JT-16 transformers known for its extreme linear response and capacity to handle very high input levels. This combination allows the OP Amp to deliver most of the amplification delivering a big, rich sound full of character. Gain is achieved by the 10-position rotary switch ranging from 12dB to 72dB in 6dB steps. An additional Fine Gain control lets you trim the input from 0 to 6dB in 41 click detented knob for ultra-precise setting. The VSP-2 also features a 12dB/oct high-pass filter with 80Hz and 120Hz selectable frequencies. Additional controls include a 48V phantom power, a 20dB Pad, polarity reversal and Instrument In all selected via high quality toggle switches. This beautiful microphone preamp features two balanced inputs as well as two unbalanced instrument DI inputs. The instrument input connects directly into the Twin Op amps bypassing the transformers for a true DI operation. With 72dB of gain, the VSP-2 can easily accommodate Dynamic and ribbon microphone, while the 20dB pad let you use with microphones positioned closely to loud sources. The high-class preamp circuit will provide a big and open sound with a lot of weight. Its warm and smooth sound will complement nicely any source you put in from vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, drums and more. Vertigo Sound VSP-2 Mic Preamp Overview: • High-quality dual channel microphone preamp • Specifically engineered in-house Twin OPA 1976 Op-Amps • Jensens JT-16 Mic transformers for a smooth, warm and defined sound throughout the frequency spectrum • 10-position Grayhill Rotaryswitch Gain Control with 6db step increments • 41 click Alps Fine Gain control • 80Hz/120Hz 12dB/ oct Hi-Pass filter • 48V Phantom Power • 20dB Pad Control • Polarity reversal • Dynamic Range: 116db at 36db Gain • Frequency response: 10 Hz–35 kHz ( ±1db) at 36db Gain • Output Level: +24 dBu/600Ω balanced floating • Noise: –81dBu (20Hz–22 khz–unweighted, RMS) at 36db Gain

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