Vicoustic White VicTotem WD 600x1830 White

Two-dimensional diffuser

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Two-dimensional acoustic diffuser designed to provide effective diffusion with minimum absorption.

The Vicoustic VicTotem is a freestanding, variable acoustic treatment solution that can be used to provide absorption, diffusion and bass management in any combination.

The VicTotem is composed of three panels that can be stacked on top of each and placed freely in any room. Each panel offers two sides one made of fire-resistant fabrics and the other side a wood panel

Its attractive appearance and Vicoustic craftmanship delivers a stunning, freely-movable solution that will provide an effective acoustic treatment solution in a recording or mixing situation. 

Vicoustic VicTotem Main Features:

  • Functionality: Absorption, Diffusion, Bass Trap
  • Absorption Frequency: Low to High frequencies absorption
  • VicTotem Wood Side (Corner position) NRC: 0.55
  • VicTotem Fabric Side (Corner position) NRC: 0.77
  • Fire Class European (EN): TBD
  • Material: VicPET Wool, Vicycle Fabric and Wood
  • Fabric Type: Microsuede
  • Foam Type: PET Wool
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