Waldorf Iridium

16-Voice Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer

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a 16-Voice Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer with a synthesis architecture that is directly taken from Waldorf's flagship powerhouse, Quantum.

At a glance

  • 16 voice polyphonic synthesizer
  • Five different synthesis types
  • Three filters with various link modes
  • Gorgeous touch screen UI
  • Industrial build quality
  • Four CV outs, with clock and trigger input
  • 40 slot mod matrix
  • 4 x 4 pad grid for sequencing, chords, arps and more
  • Supports Quantum patches and presets

The Waldorf Iridium is a 16-Voice Polyphonic Desktop Synthesizer with a synthesis architecture that is directly taken from their flagship powerhouse, Quantum. Boasting 16-voices of polyphony, three filters, six envelopes, six LFO's, five different oscillator types, a wonderful pad based sequencing tool and much more.

Iridium is best to be considered as a Quantum Module, effectively it's the same synth engine with a higher voice count and other added features, like CV I/O, a pad based sequencer with chord modes, plus it includes the improvements and additions from the 2.0 Quantum update, like the Kernel synthesis modes and much more.

The UI and workflow of the Iridium is nothing short of stunning, the implementation of the gorgeous touchscreen interface with contextual feedback, coupled with the vast array of front panel controls means you're hardly ever navigating through multiple menus to build and manage complex sounds and modulation chains.

There's five total synthesis types available on Iridium including; Wavetable with multiple tables and options, Waveform for your standard analogue waves, Particle for sampling and granular, resonator for modelling physical resonant structures and Kernels for complex subharmonics and FM tones.

There's three total filters onboard, with two digital filters that can operate in stereo or a variety of linked modes, with one being a state variable with low pass, high pass and bandpass options and the third, being contained in the very configurable and very useful digital former, which can be used for EQ, clipping, bit crushing and can also serve as a third digital filter, containing models from the NAVE, Largo and PPG 3V.

With such a diverse and complex array of sound shaping tools on hand, it's no surprise that there's a massive amount of modulation possibilities too, with 6 LFO's, 6 envelopes, plus a komplex modulator and 40 total slots in the mod matrix, it's hard to consider you'd run out of space for building patches! Managing modulation is simple, quick and provides a high degree of intricacy and precision.

Iridium also features stereo audio inputs and outputs, so you can process external signals through the synth, plus it also features four CV inputs plus a gate and trigger input too, meaning you can use that complex modulation signal you made on your modular control anything within the synth, a particularly nice feature for those who want to add Iridium to an existing modular focused setup.

And last but no means least the 4 x 4 pan grid, where you can build sequences, play chords, perform arpeggios and program multiple parameters to follow your sequences, a first for a Wadorf machine.

Iridium is a truly stunning desktop synth, with a very forward thinking user interface, deep sound potential and a staggering array of analogue and digital I/O for smooth integration with your setup.

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