Waldorf KYRA Synthesizer

128-voice FPGA based virtual analogue synthesizer

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a landmark in synthesizer design from Waldorf, with lightening fast, FPGA based architecture with 128-voice polyphony and 8 part multi-timbrality

The Waldorf Kyra is a monster of a synth, boasting an incredible spec that’s hard to match with 128-voice polyphony, 10-oscillators, 8 part multi-timbrality, 9 simultaneous effects processors per part, 4000 waveforms that’s all built on a lightning fast FPGA architecture, which runs internally at 96kHz.

The KYRA originally started as a project called the Valkyrie, a homebrew machine which made its debut at MusikMesse 2018 and took the synth world by storm, boasting a seriously impressive spec on fresh FPGA architecture.

Fast forward a few months and Waldorf announced they were taking the project under their wing and renamed the system KYRA. The result of the project is an unbelievable comprehensive synthesizer, with a spec that over-shadows anything else in its category, delivering unimaginable sonic excellence with a super smooth UI.

Kyra’s synthesis architecture is dubbed as VA (virtual analogue), with 4000 available waveforms derived from wavetables, emulations of classic two filter topologies, with a 2 pole 12dB per slope and a Moog flavoured 4-poly 24dB low pass, three envelope generators, three stereo LFO’s and a staggering 18-channel mod matrix.

As you’d expect from a synth of this ilk, there’s plenty of connectivity to host external gear and control KYRA, with MIDI DIN, USB MIDI and full stereo audio at 96kHz throughout.

The main features of the Waldorf KYRA include

  • 128-voice 8 part multi-timbral synthesizer
  • Dual stereo filters
  • 4000 waveforms
  • FPGA based architecture
  • Runs at 96khZ sample rates
  • Complex and comprehensive modulation matrix
  • Comprehensive effects suite with modulation, EQ, delays and reverbs
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