Waldorf M

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The Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer is a desktop eight-voice polyphonic, four-part multitimbral hybrid wavetable synthesizer based on the legendary MicroWave and Microwave II, combining an analogue 24db /oct Ladder Low pass filter true stereo analogue VCA with panning options and more.

The Waldorf M Wavetable Synthesizer boasts a wide range of presets divided across 16 banks with 128 presets each) programmed by some world-renowned artists and designers and includes all the classic Microwave Sound sets. It also includes newly programmed sounds that take advantage of the new features found on this modern classic including the true Hard Sync, Arpeggiator and MIDI Syncable global LFO.

The striking design of the synth recalls the Microwave heritage with the unmistakable red knobs and blue casing. The Waldorf M is based around two Wavetable oscillators with a choice of classic Microwave 1 or the modern Microwave II and XT modes. These modes affect the behaviour of the chosen wavetables. For example, in the Classic Microwave mode, chosen wavetables are bit-reduced to 8-bit and offer the possibility of using 240kHz non-anti-aliased sample rates and Hard Sync and ring modulation are not available. On the other hand in the Microwave II/XT mode, the sample rate goes to 40kHz and is band-limited.

The M also includes two LFos with Frequency and shape controls for modulations. As a nod to the vintage Microwave released in 1989, the usual Mod Matrix has been replaced by featuring the modulations directly on the corresponding display page (Oscillators, Filters, etc…).

A powerful arpeggiator allows for the creation of rhythmic motif and includes 16 preset patterns easily accessible as well as chord modes and the ability to sync to MIDI clock. It also boasts four programmable Envelopes which can be used to shape sound parameters via rate and timed modulations.

The Waldorf M includes no less than 6 stereo outputs, the main outputs and an Aux Out for each of the Multitimbral parts, ideal for remixing parts at a later stage. A headphone output is also provided and includes dedicated volume control. MIDI connections are also plentiful with the full-sizer 5-pin DIN (IN/OUT/THRU) and MIDI over USB via the included USB 2.0 MIDI port. 

Firmware updates are achieved via the SD Card slot that can also serve to import sound patches, user wavetables and more.

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