Waldorf STVC Vocoder Keyboard

Vocoder Keyboard with Streichfett String Section


This product is discontinued

The Waldorf STVC Vocoder is a quirky take on the classic string machine, it blends both a Streichfett string synthesizer and a Vocoder together into a single keyboard that creates odd and interesting pad and string sounds. Think Mr. Bluesky plus more.

The Waldorf STVC is a Vocoder and Streichfett String Synthesizer packed into a single keyboard chassis, neatly combining two more obscure synthesis mediums toegtehr into a single 49-note keyboard package.

The Waldorf Streichfett is one of the more esoteric synthesizers available at the moment, it draws inspiration from Solina style strings synths and can make every conceivable string sound from Violin to organs and even choirs, all of which can be swept through using the master registration knob, this string part if couples with a solo section, which is essentially a 16-voice synthesizer with a single tone generator with many possible tones on hand.

The Vocoder is where the STVC eeks away from the Streichfett. The Vocoder replaces the EQ section of the string bank and provides fully polyphony derived from the oscillator bank, it provides format modulation and adjustable jitter of the string section. The solo synth can play through the vocoder or can be used completely independantly.

The best way to describe the STVC is....well trippy strings with vocoding, it's completely unique and stunningly articulate, built like a tank and plays like a dream.

It's pretty weird, but in a good way.

The main features of the Waldorf STVC include

Polyphonic string synthesizer and vocoder

Contains a complete Streichfett

Housed in a single keyboard chassis

Includes Gooseneck microphone

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