Warm Audio WA412

4-channel mic preamp

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Four-channel mic preamp based on an American console preamps housed in a 1 rack unit.

The Warm Audio WA412 is a four-channel mic preamp based on an American console preamps housed in a 1 rack unit.

The Warm Audio WA412 provides the classic sound of Rock N' Roll with fat-sounding and punchy low end and a smooth and open top end.  It features fully discrete-socketed 6-pin Op-amps and custom wound Altran input and output transformers delivering world-class tone.

Each channel uses fully socketed 6-pin op-amps, which are known for their high-headroom and low-distortion characteristics akin to the console that inspired the WA412. Furthermore, the Op-amps are swappable with other op-amps if desired. Warm Audio has worked with Altran to develop transformers to extend low-frequency response. The transformers use a vintage winding technique, which impart a distinct smooth and open character.

The WA-412 is a workhorse preamp that will perform solidly and reliably for all working engineers who need to get on with the job.

Warm Audio WA412 Four-channel mic preamp overview:

  • 4 Channel Microphone Preamplifier + Instrument DI.
  • Fully discrete, transformer coupled, through-hole component topology.
  • Altran USA custom wound, premium input and output transformers.
  • X520 discrete op-amp in every channel, socketed for convenience. Can be user-replaced with most six pin, discrete op-amps for varying flavour & tone.
  • 65db of gain.
  • Inputs - Microphone XLR & Active Instrument 2Meg ohm HI-Z.
  • Outputs - Transformer balanced XLR & TRS.
  • TONE button – Input impedance switches from 600 ohms to 150 ohms (affects the tone of both the mic and HI-Z inputs).
  • -20db pad - pads both mic and instrument DI inputs.
  • +48 volt phantom power.
  • LED metering.
  • Output trim knob for precise level control and tone sculpting.
  • Internal power supply (grounded, three-pin IEC cord).

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