Warm Audio WA-73

Single channel mic preamp

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Single channel mic preamp inspired by the legendary Neve 1073. It delivers accurately the vintage British tone and unmistakable sonic signature of its highly praised ancestor.

The Warm Audio WA73 is a single channel mic preamp based on the legendary Neve 1073. It perfectly captures the smooth tone and unique sonic signature of the original.

The Warm Audio WA73 is the result of many years of research and reverse-engineering. It offers incredible performance in the studio or in live situations and is remarkably flexible, working equally well with all sorts of microphones. This boutique mic pre works flawlessly on all sources, from vocals to guitars, bass and drums, keyboards and full orchestras.

The WA73 provides up to 80dB of gain and includes custom Carnhill transformers which have been designed to recreate the sweet saturation and vintage tone of the original transformers. Warm Audio also included tantalum and polystyrene capacitors in the signal path to deliver smoother performance at high gain settings.

Hand built and assembled in the US, a lot of attention to detail has gone into the Warm Audio WA73 in order to maintain the integrity of early British designs even including UK Blore Edwards Switch-Pots which feel just like the original switches.

The Warm Audio WA73 Main Features:

  • Single Channel, Class A, '73-style British Microphone Preamp
  • UK made Carnhill Transformers
  • Hand wired, hand assembled
  • 80dB of gain - resistor stepped gain switch
  • Fully discrete
  • TONE button - Changes input transformer impedance for varying tone
  • Polarity switch
  • 48v phantom power
  • 4 position inductor based hipass filter - 50, 80, 160, 300 Hz
  • XLR mic input
  • Line level TRS input
  • TS Send/Receive insert jacks
  • XLR & TRS line level outputs
  • Direct In, instrument input
  • Output control
  • Led level indication
  • 19" rackable
  • Ground lift switch
  • Internal IEC 115v/230v power inlet

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