Wes Audio ngTubeEQ

Tube EQ with Digital Controls

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Advanced 4-band passive EQ, offering a rich array of features for precise sound shaping. It includes 12 selectable frequencies per band with comprehensive control options, an active filter section for meticulous frequency isolation, and dual colour-coded output stages for switching between modern and vintage tones. Its unique topology and Total Harmonic Distortion control allow intense tube amp, transformer stage driving, and subtle saturation effects. Designed for seamless integration into digital workflows, it also provides DAW control, detailed metering, and a selection of factory presets, making it a versatile choice for modern and vintage audio production.

At a glance

  • 12 selectable frequencies in four bands with variable Q, bell and shelf modes, and bypass options.
  • Active filter section with variable high-pass and low-pass filters for precise frequency isolation.
  • Dual color-coded output stages: Green for a modern punch, and Red for a warm, vintage tone with IRON PAD controls.
  • Unique topology with Total Harmonic Distortion control for driving tube amp and transformer stages and adding saturation.
  • Flexible sound shaping with features for modern or vintage tones, including Proportional and Constant Q and various gain modes.
  • Seamless digital workflow integration with DAW control, comprehensive metering, and factory presets.

The WesAudio ngTubeEQ is a versatile 4-band passive EQ with dual-mono, stereo, and mid-side modes and digital recall and automation.

Selectable Frequency Bands

The WesAudio ngTubeEQ sets the standard in sound refinement with 12 selectable frequencies across four meticulously crafted bands. This dynamic range allows for precise adjustments, with each band featuring variable Q, bell and shelf modes, and individual bypass options for tailored sound control. The design caters to the most discerning ears, ensuring that every nuance of your audio is captured and enhanced.

Dynamic Filter Section

The device boasts an innovative filter section on each channel, providing a variable high-pass and low-pass filter. This functionality permits unparalleled precision in isolating and refining your frequency range. Whether working in dual-mono, stereo, or mid-side mode, the ngTubeEQ offers the tools to shape your audio accurately.

Dual Output Stages

Sonic versatility is at the heart of the ngTubeEQ, manifested through its dual color-coded output stages. The Green stage offers an electronically balanced output, yielding a crisp, modern sound, while the Red stage introduces the warmth of the tube and Carnhill transformer stage, complete with IRON PAD controls. This feature allows users to switch between a contemporary punch and a rich, vintage tone, catering to various musical preferences.

Innovative Topology & Saturation Controls

The ngTubeEQ's unique topology ensures that you can drive the tube amp and transformer stages to their fullest without compromising the signal's integrity through the passive attenuation stage. Total Harmonic Distortion control adds another layer of customization, allowing for the introduction of saturation to your tracks, thereby enriching the sonic texture and depth.

Modern vs. Vintage

The ngTubeEQ offers a spectrum of sonic possibilities, from the crispness of modern audio to the nostalgic warmth of vintage sounds. With features like Proportional and Constant Q and various gain modes, the device allows you to shape your audio according to your artistic vision. Whether you seek the clarity of contemporary sound or the richness of analogue warmth, the ngTubeEQ is your gateway to auditory excellence.

Digital Recall & Automation

Integration into your digital workflow is seamless with the ngTubeEQ. The device offers digital recall and automation, bridging the gap between analog quality and digital convenience. Control the plugin directly from your DAW, complete with comprehensive metering and a selection of factory presets. The ngTubeEQ is not just an EQ; it's a pivotal tool that redefines the boundaries of music production, offering precision and versatility in one package. Experience the future of sound with WesAudio ngTubeEQ.

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