Zahl EQ1 500-series Stereo EQ

500 Series Stereo EQ

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500-series EQ module ported from the superb Zähl AM1 Analogue Mixing Console

At a glance

  • stereo design for mix & mastering as well as voices & instruments
  • highly musical design
  • intuitive, user-friendly, self-explaining layout
  • lowest noise and distortion signal paths built with highest quality components
  • audio switching on EQ gain potentiometer zero position for bypassing unused stages
  • no microprocessor, no clock pulses, sequential logic only
  • individual power stabilization on each module, no switched power circuitry
  • fully compatible with API 500 module series specs, occupying two slots

The Zähl EQ1 is a 500-series EQ module ported from the superb Zähl AM1 Analogue Mixing Console.

The Zähl EQ1 is a dual-slot 4-band parametric equalizer using a mixture of proven design with very useful improvements. First of all both Low and High Frequencies offering a choice between Bell and Shelf modes while both Low Mids and High Mid bands can be activated to work in the low and high-frequency range at the switch of a button. The difference, however, lies in the fact that both Mid-frequency range uses different circuit technology offering different sound character from the Low and High bands offering a wide range of tonal options. Each band is individually activated via an On/Off switch allowing you for quick reference but also to minimise noise and preserve the signal integrity as much as possible.

The EQ1 features an EQ Gain switch letting you set the resolution of the EQ between 5dB for mastering application or subtle improvements or 15dB for heavy mixing and tone shaping requirements. This also ensures easier restoration of the gain settings for each band making it easier for recalls.

The Zähl EQ1 is extremely musical and built to the highest standard with no microprocessor, no clock pulses. It uses a unique power stabilisation avoiding switched power circuitry and is fully compatible with the 500-Series format.

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