Musikmesse 2016 NEWS part2

Musikmesse News Part2

Musikmesse 2016 NEWS part2

Second Part of our Musikmesse News, with a roundup of some of our favourite new products due for release imminently or later this year.

Softube | Modular & British Class A for Console 1

Softube | are always busy at Musikmesse, and this year was no exception. As well as developing many plug-ins for other companies ( most recently the Drawmer S73 Master Processor and Drawmer 1973 ) they launched a new British Class A for their excellent Console 1 Channel Strip controller. Inspired by vintage Neve class A designs from the 1970's and 1960's, Console 1 emulates the transformer input stages, the EQ, dynamics and gate in their streamlined workflow that has made Console 1 so popular. Available from in May @ $249 - UK Price TBC Softube Class A Not content with just one new product Softube also launched Modular, having collaborated with Dieter Doepfer and Intellijel on circuit emulations, they are bringing a new cross-platform modular plug-in that is based and designed to work like the analog Eurorack hardware. Also available in May @ $99 - UK Price TBC
"The resulting plug-in modules have been authorised and approved by their respective owners, guaranteeing that Softube Modular gets you as close to the analog sound as you can get"
Softube Modular KMR

Dynaudio | LYD Personal Reference Monitors

Dynaudio | launched a new range of Personal reference monitors in three sizes : LYD 5 ( £790 inc vat ), LYD 7 ( £950 inc vat ) and LYD 8 ( £1110 inc vat ) all denoting the size of the Woofer used on each model. Designed for Nearfield listening and also at low volumes, they feature two different tunings one for if used free standing and one if used within 50cm of a wall. With many laptop and smaller writing / production based systems, Dynaudio are addressing the need for high quality in a smaller environment. Dynaudio LYD range KMR

Drawmer | MC3.1 Monitor Controller

Drawmer | were showing their updated monitor controller the MC3.1 which is building on the success of their MC2.1. Additions include a digital SPDIF input now giving a total of 5 input sources, full cue mix facilities and two headphone amplifiers. Other new additions are : Internal talkback mic with footswitch control and external talkback mic. Due later this year UK price £TBC Drawmer MC3.1 KMR

RME | ADI-2 Pro

RME | launched their new reference AD/DA converter the ADI-2 Pro with sample rates up to 768kHz! The ADI-2 Pro in auto-mode will automatically switch to AD/DA convertor, USB interface or analog preamp based upon your connections. Using the SteadyClock III technology there is an integrated Sample Rate converter perfect for mastering and measurement applications as well as audiophile recording. The ADI-2 Pro includes a newly designed ' Extreme Power ' headphone output stage. UK Price £TBC RME ADI-2 Pro KMR

IGS Audio | 576 Blue Stripe 500

IGS Audio | make great sounding kit, and here's another to help fill your lunchbox, the 576 Blue Stripe 500 compressor. Based upon the 1176 Blue Stripe version this looks to be one to demo as soon as we get our hands on it! UK Price £699 inc vat IGS 576 KMR

TK Audio | TK-lizer 500 EQ

TK Audio | Swedish designers TK Audio chose Musikmesse to showcase their TK-lizer 500 EQ which is based upon their flagship TK-lizer EQ Rack but in a double wide 500 series slot. This is a dual mono EQ which includes the popular M/S mode featured on the rack unit. Due in June 2016. UK Price £1042 inc vat TK-lizer 500 KMR

Lindell Audio | PeQ-501a EQ

Lindell Audio | were previewing their upgraded Pultec style EQ called the PeQ-501a. Using vintage opamps and transformer coupled output, this all discrete design should be available later this year. Look forward to hearing it. UK Price £TBC Lindell Audio PeQ-501a KMR

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By Nick Mitchell