Analogue Solutions Treadstone SynthBlock Announced

Analogue Solutions Treadstone KMR Author Button TomLewis Analogue Solutions have added another product to their growing SynthBlocks range, called the Treadstone. Until now, the SynthBlocks line-up was limited to effects and utilities in the form of Dr. Strangelove and the Mr Hyde modules, the latest addition is a monophonic semi-modular analogue synthesizer, Treadstone.
Treadstone The new AS Treadstone
Treadstone is unlike any other Analogue Solutions synthesizer, not only is it a smaller form factor than anything else, it's also the first synth from them that incorporates a 24dB low pass SSM curtis style filter.
AS Treadstone Schematic and patching options. AS Treadstone Schematic and patching options.
This small analogue powerhouse features a single analogue VCO, with square and saw waveforms, plus a noise and a sub oscillator, the aforementioned SSM chip, an analogue echo and a very unique loop sequencer section, which offers uncompromised access to the synths internal architecture, letting you rewire it as you see fit and make some of your own tones and patches. Treadstone is fully eurorack compatible, with 3.5mm minijacks and it operates on a 1 v/oct standard, meaning you can use it to interface with your modular system, or have it as a superb external voice for your system. The Treadstone is made in the UK and is built using very high quality components, as you'd expect with any AS synth. At just £499, Treadstone is very affordable , we're expecting stock to arrive in January! For more information, contact our synthesizer expert Tom Lewis.