Introducing the Crane Song HEDD Quantum

KMR Author Button Paul

We are excited to announce the new Crane Song HEDD Quantum; a significant update to the highly regarded HEDD 192 with brand new AD/DA conversion using Crane Song's 5th generation Quantum clocking.

Crane Song HEDD Quantum

After years of improvement of the D to A conversion found on the Avocet IIA monitoring controller and Solaris DA converter, the HEDD Quantum is the first AD/DA converter with sub 1 picosecond jitter clocking resulting in a truly accurate sound with incredible imaging, open 3D sound and detailed transient response.

In addition to the improved AD/DA, the HEDD Quantum has six new Word Clock outputs allowing it to be used as master clock at the same time. Both AD and DA stages can be used simultaneously at different sample rates. Connections include TOSLINK, AES, SPDIF as well as analogue XLR in and out.

In addition to the new AD/DA, clocking, I/O and Word Clock, the HEDD Quantum retains the renowned DSP emulation of Triode and Pentode tubes as well as tape that have contributed to the success of its predecessor. An analogue dither is also provided for 20 or 16 bit reduction.

AD, DA and ASRC chips all use the high end AKM 32 bit which are coupled with proprietary analogue filtering and clocking.

The Crane Song HEDD Quantum is available to preorder exclusively in the UK from KMR Audio with first available units due to arrive in December. Retail price is £3165.83 ex VAT (£3799 inc VAT).

Although the clocking improvements will not be possible to add as upgrades to standard HEDD 192 units, existing owners will have the option to upgrade the AD and DA stages of the units.