NAMM 2018 News: Moog Drummer From Another Mother

Drummer from another mother news KMR Author Button TomLewis Hot off the NAMM 2018 news desk: well we all kinda knew this was coming...Moog have finally announced that the DFAM Aka. Drummer From Another Mother is in production, no longer exclusive to the Moogfest 2016 attendees. I was lucky enough to get hands on with one of the Moogfest DFAM machines when I went to visit Moog in 2017, at that time Moog were asking us "should we make this" and the overwhelming response from all of the visitors on the trip was "YES".....thankfully they've listened. Moog Drummer Form Another Mother DFAM follows the same form factor as the incredibly popular Mother-32, a self contained semi-modular synthesizer, with a built-in sequencer and Eurorack compatible patch points, which can be used by itself, with other MIDI or CV equipped gear, or can form the backbone of a performance based modular system. But to be honest, DFAM isn't really like any other Moog synthesizer, which is why they were probably asking for popular opinion. It really is quite unique. The Drummer from Another Mother architecture is based around two VCO's which can be linked to modulate each other and can also be mixed in interesting ways to create staggering array of percussion, bass and rhythmic sounds. Sequencing on the DFAM is way more expressive than your run-of-the-mill-step-sequencers, the interface is based around 8 pots, which resemble something akin to a compliment B style sequencer, there are two pots per step. Pot 1 denotes the pitch of the VCO's and pot 2 controls the velocity of that imagine two VCO's FM'ing each other at varied pitch with continually changing velocity. Yeah, it makes for quite the performance tool. Couple this incredibly simple, yet powerful sequencer with a unique dual mode VCF, a vast array of patching options and you've got yourself a synth that goes way beyond any drum synth or Moog ever has. DFAM literally kicks you in the chest with the amount of air it moves, it would be a superb compliment to any live rig, studio setup or modular system. Stock is arriving in Feb, to pre order or to find out more information, contact our resident Moog Pro Tom Lewis.