NAMM 2018 News: Arturia MiniBrute 2 Announced

Arturia Minibrute 2 News KMR Author Button TomLewis NAMM 2018 News: Arturia announced the long-awaited updated version of their modern classic, introducing the Minibrute 2, a patchable semi-modular analogue synthesizer with some serious upgrades over it's predecessor. Arturia Minibrute 2 The original MiniBrute changed the landscape of synthesizers for good (along with the Dave Smith Mopho), it was one of the first real analogue synthesizers that wasn't just affordable, it also had some very forward thinking features like it's VCO section and built in CV and Gate as well. Plus it was the first time a software company really started to think about hardware and produce something special. The release of the Minibrute is said to be the start of the analogue revolution, where these kinds of machines became accessible. I mean if you loved the SH-101, had some existing gear then the MiniBrute ticked all the boxes and went even further. Speaking of going even further, that's where the MiniBrute 2 picks things up. Arturia really have beefed up the MiniBrute, here's a rundown of what's been added:
  • 48-way eurorack compatible patchbay
  • A second tunable VCO with three waveforms
  • A second LFO
  • An AD envelope generator
  • A sequencer and arpeggiator (no more flashing the firmware!)
  • Has built in Arturia link, a system for integrating forthcoming products....
So, all of the original features like the gnarly VCO, Steiner Parker Filter and the rather offensive Brute Factor. So it's 100% Minibrute with 100% more stuff. Completely modular, completely awesome. Stock is expected in March, you can pre order with us now. For more information, contact our synthesizer expert Tom Lewis.