Buchla now available from KMR Audio

Don Buchla By Tom Lewis: It's our pleasure to announce that the entire Buchla range is now available from KMR Audio, both Online and in our London Store! Including the 200e & 200h modular series, Music Easel, all accessories and pre built systems including Skylab. Don Buchla is regarded as one of synthesis greatest pioneers, he was responsible for the development of a lesser known forms of sound design, coined as additive synthesis. Don's take on synthesizer circuits led him in a very different direction to his peers. His modular systems and approach to making sound was unlike those being developed on the East Coast by a certain Dr Moog.
The Music Easel, additive synthesis at its finest. The Music Easel, additive synthesis at its finest.
The term "West Coast" defines the Buchla sound, where a simpler tone is run through a series of resonators, low pass gates, filters, effects and frequency modulation to create a complex timbre or a complex sequence of sounds. Back in 2004, Don decided to come out of retirement and re-make the 200 series modular system. Known as the E series, this revolutionary system follows all the rules of the Buchla standard, but provides much improved feature sets including preset management and much more. We are very very excited to be able to offer this incredible brand. For more information, please get in touch with our resident Synthesizer Expert, Tom Lewis (that's me). Please click on the image link below for the full range : KMR Audio Buchla