The new Sub37: Moog Introduce Subsequent 37

Moog Subsequent 37 Release Today Moog Music Inc. announced the brand new SUBsequent 37 analogue synthesizer, an upgraded version of the modern classic Sub37 Tribute Edition: featuring all the upgrades found in the limited edition Subsequent37 CV, but with a more familiar black livery and no CV outputs. As I found out on my trip to Moog earlier this year, they are constantly seeking to improve on every design that comes to manufacture. Despite it's HUGE success, Moog haven't been complacent with leaving the Sub37 as it was, instead, they've spent the time to add vast improvements to give this already very capable architecture, even more timbral diversity and dynamic range.
Subsequent 37 and CV's being built Subsequent 37 and CV's being built
I had a pleasure of trying out both the Sub37 and SUBsequent series, side by side during my visit to Moog, and the sonic different between the two is immediately obvious. For starters, the synth felt more weighty and powerful, the raw tone of the VCO's felt hotter with a more present harmonic top end, the filter had a wider range of distortion tones and the synth felt less "cloudy" in paraphonic modes. Going on what Moog discussed in their video yesterday, seems to tally up with my findings. The specific changes to the spec are:
    • Uprated multi-drive, for more harmonics and deeper distortion tones
    • Improved mixer headroom, for a better paraphonic experience
    • Higher output headphone amp, for better performance when cueing sounds live
    • Improved keybed, for more longevity
The SUBsequent 37 also comes with a wide array of presets to compliment the more diverse tonality, so right out of the box you can really feel the changes they've made. Final UK price and shipping date is TBD, but we expect the synth to be in the region of £1399, and is available right now! We'll have a demo unit and the first UK stock at KMR Audio, so please place your pre orders now to avoid disappointment. For more information, contact your London Moog Pro Specialist, Me :) (I have a certificate to prove it and everything.) KMR Author Button TomLewis