Native Instruments Maschine MK3 and Komplete Kontrol MK2

Maschine MK33 Announced Today, Native Instruments announced the long awaited updates to both Maschine hardware and Komplete Kontrol Keyboards, bringing even more improvements to NI's hardware and software portfolio.


Maschine MK3

The third generation of NI's acclaimed beat production system, that neatly integrates both Maschine software and hardware in simple, powerful package. MKIII has been upgraded with a brand new RGB display, for better visual feedback for editing samples, making beats, controlling effects or mangling audio.
NI Maschine MK3 Wolf whistle, it's the new Maschine MK3.
There's also extra buttons for less menu diving and less time spent looking at the screen and new performance controls with the touch control strip, that lets you controls effects and instruments in new and exciting ways. Maschine now has an integrated 24-bit 96kHz Audio interface, with 3 ins and 3 outs, meaning you can connect to your DAW and start jamming right away without the need for another audio interface. All of the common groovebox tools are on hand as you'd expect, such as note repeat, MPC style swing and downsampling emulation of both MPC60 and SP1200. There's even a slice mode for splitting up a single sample across the 16 pads. Speaking of the pads, the linear response curve has been tweaked for MK3, with greater sensitivity, plus there's new shortcut functionality attributed to each one. Pad mode, keyboard, chord mode and step mode are all directly available from the hardware. Check out all the new features here: And next up we have:

Komplete Kontrol MK2

A vastly upgraded version of NI's dedicated Komplete kontrol keyboard lineup. Again with an improved display for browsing instruments and effects. There's also more buttons, real pitch and mod wheels (forgoing the previous touch strips). s61_mk2 Browsing is also much faster and there's even preview modes for when you're skimming through presets, making browsing simpler and much faster. All NKS accredited plug-ins all support their own preview functionality too! Find out more here: The new hardware is available to pre-order right now! Stock is expected in October!
  • Maschine MK3 is £479
  • S49 MK2 is £479
  • S61 MK2 is £559
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