Dave Smith DSM03 Eurorack Feedback Module Revealed

Dave Smith DSM03 FeedbackDave Smith is awesome, we all know that. But do you know what makes him more awesome? Well that's when he announces new modular modular gear; so basque in the glory of awesomeness Dave, because you've just told us about the brand new DSM03 Feedback. DSM03 as the name suggests is the third modular product from Dave Smith Modular, following on from the rather sexy DSM01 Curtis Filter and the sublime DSM02 Character Module, reviews of which can be found here and here.
The new DSM03, pleasure to make your acquaintance. The new DSM03, pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Like the other modules in the DSM lineage, the new DSM03 focuses on audio processing; this module provides tuned feedback and a whole array of subtle harmonic enhancing effects, to downright dirty chaotic sounds. DSM03 runs your input audio source through a folded feedback and provides tuning capabilites for said feedback; it also sports CV control for both of these parameters, so you can CV control the depth and pitch of your feedback, very nice. DSM 03 also includes it's own dedicated low pass filter, with cutoff and resonance controls for sculpting the perfect sound to complement the audio you're processing, again in trude DSI style CV control over the filter control is provided. Now, you might be wondering that the trigger input is for? Well that's the A. trigger the module and B. engage the onboard AD envelope! Yeah that's right, you can add pitched overtones and control the attack speed and decay of said audio, very nice indeed. Price and availability is yet to be confirmed, but if you're in the market for a seriously unique sound design and audio processing tool, then get in touch and pre order one of these! For more information, click online, visit us in store or call us today. By Tom Lewis