Mutable Instruments Kinks Announced

Mutable Kinks Header Image It's always a happy day when Mutable Instruments announce a new module, today is no different! Kinks is the brand new 4HP utility module from the French modular extraordinaire Olivier Gillet, like all of the Mutable range it fits a hell of a lot of functionality into a small space. At just 4HP the new Kinks module manages to pack in three analogue signal processors, as Mutable put it "Analog signal mingling and mangling";Mutable Instruments Kinks SIGN; which is a precision signal inverter with full and half wave rectifying, which can be incredibly useful for modifying LFO's, altering waveforms and can add subtle overtones to audio signals. LOGIC; An analogue OR logic, which compares two incoming signals and can merge the signals together, used with LFO's and envelopes can produce very interesting effects. S&H; a classic, no nonsense sample and hold processor which is generally used for random and stepped voltage generation.
It might be small, but it packs a tonne of features into its 4HP panel! It might be small, but it packs a tonne of features into its 4HP panel!
A great addition to any space conscious modular users system, or for those larger modular system that need a extra logic or modulation control. We're exceptionally proud to stock and advertise the complete Mutable Instruments range, Kinks is available now, pre order from the first UK shipment with KMR! For more information, click, call or email us By Tom Lewis