Free UAD Unison Plug-in with Apollo Interfaces

From the 1st of September until the end of the month, Universal Audio are offering a free Unison preamp plug-in with their powerful rackmount Apollo audio interface with UAD-2 DSP processing. Universal Audio Apollo Unison Offer Image Unison plug-ins push the boundary by not only recreating the sound of the original hardware but also mimicking the gain stage and components interaction at these different settings. It means that turning the gain on your Apollo interface will recreate the non-linearities of the original units providing an unprecedented level of realism never achieved before. Not only will it sound like the chosen preamp it will also feel like it. Unison Plug-ins include the UAD API Vision Channel Strip, UAD Neve 1073 Preamp and EQ, UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip, UAD Universal Audio 610 Preamp and the brand new UAD Manley Voxbox Channel Strip. Eligible Apollo interfaces include: Once you purchase and register your Apollo Rack audio interface, Universal Audio will deposit your license in your account. If you were thinking of buying a versatile audio interface, which lets you, record in real time through some of the best plug-in emulations this could be the time to do it.