KMR Installs Custom SSL Duality Delta

KMR Duality Delta

KMR installs Custom 24 channel SSL Duality

KMR Audio was called into action when it was time to look at a new desk and complete studio redesign for Kingsmere Studios, a private location for a client we have worked closely with in the past. KMR NM Author Button The Rupert Neve Designs 5088 and API 1608 were on the shortlist, however after researching each console it became clear that neither was going to do exactly what he required. So a visit to Solid-State-Logic at Oxford was booked and a demo session with SSL Guru and Designer Chris Jenkins, where the SSL AWS948 and the SSL Duality were compared. The AWS948 had some positives with the stereo channel count being up to 48, however, it became clear the SSL Duality just ticked all his requirements, and a 24 channel Duality was decided upon. Duality KMR various Over the next few months, his studio was designed from the ground up (literally as it was located on the 3rd floor)! The layout was changed, and wiring planned to incorporate the forthcoming console, and at the same time, the existing DAW system was upgraded to include 64 i/o channels of AVID i/o and a new version of AVID HDX ProTools. Duality Delta KMR Monitoring chosen was the Unity Audio Rock's Mk2 , Avantone MixCubes and Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 GEN2's. Microphones include the Manley Gold Reference with the wonderful Josephson C700A providing the main focus of acoustic recording, alongside a Telefunken U47 perfectly supplemented by classic Royer, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure and Neumann mics. Lavry Gold KMR The Lavry AD122-96 MX Gold converter was chosen for the mix down requirements and a Benchmark DAC2 HGC Black D-A converter for monitoring. Outboard is patched via RedCo patchbays to run alongside many DAW AAX plugins including an Octo UAD-2. This outboard includes the very limited edition POLAR Studios160 Stereo Bus compressor, featuring the VCA’s from the legendary POLAR Studios in Sweden. Polar 160 KMR A GML 8200 EQ and the recently re-released ADR F760X-RS Compex Compressor was provided alongside an A-Designs EM-EQ2 which is a dual-mono modern take on a Pultec EQ. KMR EMEQ2 Dave Hill Designs Europa's, a Lisson Grove compressor, Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph and Shadow Hills GAMA’s work side by side classic studio equipment... the Universal Audio LA2A, Universal Audio 1176's, AMS Neve 1073DPA 's, Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-XS, with effects and processing looked after by the Bricasti M7 Reverb, Lexicon PCM96, and Eventide H8000FW. Desktop KMR Duality Studio As well as being a dedicated mix room, the studio includes many guitars, pedals and amps, with keyboards allowing it to be a writing room where projects can take focus right from creation to completion. Prior to the Duality 24 installation, KMR worked with AKA Designs creating a furniture design to enhance and 'embrace' the console alongside the existing AKA racks. A custom deeper armrest was commissioned by the customer and designed by SSL similar in depth to the AWS armrest. This allows better space and keyboard/mouse focus when sitting in the centre of the desk. SSL-Delta-Control KMR Having just updated the Duality to the new Duality Delta Software this now allows further enhanced production alongside ProTools 12HD via the new SSL Delta Control plug-in. The client is now enjoying his new integrated Hybrid workflow with the SSL Duality providing the sonic depth and workflow he desires. For full studio installations please contact us at KMR Audio as we're always happy to discuss any specific requirements and run through ideas.