Kush Audio Announces Electra DSP EQ Plug-in

Kush Audio has just released an emulation of its highly acclaimed Electrified Transient EQ, Electra DSP, developed in house by UBK. Kush Audio Electra DSP EQ Plug-in Electra DSP looks very much like its 500-series equivalent and offers the exact same features. It’s a four-band EQ with Low and high shelf curves and two bell midrange curves. A sweepable 12dB/oct high-pass filter is also included covering the regions 25Hz to 400Hz. The Low shelf is a fixed 90Hz while the high-shelf is sweepable and covers 3.8kHz to 20kHz. The Kush Audio Electra has been very successful thanks to its incredible musicality and is now available as 32 or 64-bit VST, AudioUnits and AAX Native formats on Mac and PC. After the success of the Clariphonic DSP, UBK-1 and Pusher, Electra DSP is sure to attract a lot of interest. It retails at £85.5 ex VAT ( £102.6 inc VAT ) and is available to order now. By Paul Lavigne