Moog GRANDMOTHER available to the masses.....!

Okay, the looks are up for debate (did someone say vogue-rogue?) but you can't deny how insanely awesome the Moog Grandmother is. Let me give you the low down; This is a semi-modular analogue synthesizer who's circuitry is derived from Moog's legacy modular systems, like the System 35 So you've probably seen the product announcement, where Moog say that the Grandmother was going to be a limited run for Moogfest 2018....well in standard Moog fashion, they've gone and made the G-Mother available for everyone for just £879. If you've ever wanted to own a Moog Modular or you're craving that signature Moog sound for your Eurorack setup, then Grandmother is about as close as you can get without going the whole hog....but if you do want to, we've got a rather tasty System 35 available! On the front panel you have a selection of 9 "modules" which consist of some of the most desirable components from Moogs considerable legacy, which form a powerful subtractive voice, with a normalled signal path that can be rewired to your choosing. This normalled signal path means even the least initiated in "the ways of the synth" can walk up to it and get a sound without having to patch up the keyboard. And sure, for those who do want to dig a little deeper, Grandmother's inputs and outputs can be plumbed around the synth any which way you like and will even neatly integrate with external gear that runs on the 1 volt per octave Eurorack, 5U, DFAM, Mother 32 etc.
A plethora of patching potential.
The 9 mini modules included provides everything you need to form complex patches, soundscapes and textures, all of them can be completely removed from the signal and used completely independently with other gear, so enough dancing around the subject, what "modules" do you get for your investment?
  • An arpeggiator and sequencer, which is great for creating phrases and sequences giving you hands off control to enjoy turning knobs, directly taken from the sub37
  • Modulation, which provides an LFO with multiple waveforms, destinations and can also be used for audio duties as well.
  • Oscillators, two wide range, multi wave analogue oscillators derived from the Model 15
  • Mixer, a three channel mixer that feeds into the filter with asymmetrical clipping behaviour like the iconic CP3 mixer....!
  • Multiples and attenuator, a signal multiplier and attenuator
  • Filter, perhaps the most important part of a Moog! The Grandmother has a 24dB transistor ladder filter which is one of the signature components of the Moog sound
  • Envelope, a simple yet very intuitive ADSR envelope with a slider for sustain amount
  • Output module, which controls the overall volume
  • Spring reverb send amount, this single knob controls the amount of signal that feeds into the spring reverb tank
Plenty of action round the back.
Grandmother looks and sounds like the sum of its parts, vintage circuitry with a modern twist. A an absolute must have synth for any sound designer, synth enthusiast or Moog collector. Stock is expected in July / early August and you can reserve yours now! For more information give our resident Moog Pro (I have a certificate and everything) Tom Lewis (that's me!) a call!!