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Big Bear Audio is a London based design house set up by audio designer and engineer who previously worked at Thermionic Culture, Charlie Slee. Charlie has developed two Class-A 500 Series preamp modules with access for the interchangeable DIYRE Colour Slot Cards, allowing customisation of the sound. Big Bear Audio have released two extremely high quality, clean preamp modules called the MP1 and MP1+. The MP1+ features a Lundahl transformer on the output stage, as well as an Elma stepped attenuator, and the MP1 has an electronically balance output with Burr Brown chip. Both modules have front panel controls of : input select, phase control, colour module bypass and +48v phantom power - and have been designed with a modern 'Tron-esque' style faceplate - so you won't lose it in a darkened studio!
KMR MP1 Big Bear Audio MP1
KMR MP1+ Big Bear Audio MP1+

Colour Modules:

The colour modules simply click into place allowing a simple and flexible way to change your sound, allowing experimentation with different designs. Should you want to change your preamp to say an API or Neve inspired version, you just click the module into place and you're good to go! Below are the current colour modules available from KMR..with more to follow!
  • DIYRE DOA Discrete Opamp RED-25 - inspired by the sound of the API 2520 Opamps
  • DIYRE Distortastudio - designed to recreate the dirty yet musical sound of old 4-track portable recorders
KMR DIYRE Distorastudio DIYRE Distortastudio
  • DIYRE Colouruptor - designed to add the smooth distortion of optical compression
KMR DIYRE Colouruptor DIYRE Colouruptor
  • DIYRE Colourphone - designed to recreate the old style telephone effect sound
KMR DIYRE Colourphone DIYRE Colourphone
  • DIYRE CTX - adds a custom-wound Cinemag transformer to the signal path.
  • HRK British Console - inspired by the sound of vintage Neve mic preamps.
DIYRE BRITISH Console HRK British Console
  • DIYRE AWB95 Cassette Tone - inspired by the sound of worn out cassettes.
KMR DIYRE awb95 DIYRE AWB95 Cassette Tone
  • DIYRE 15IPS - recreates the sound of high-quality analogue tape at 15IPS
For more information on all the Big Bear Audio products and colour modules please click the link below or contact us @ KMR Audio KMR Big Bear Audio