Moog Mother 32, a plethora of patchable pleasure

Moog Mother 32 Released Today It's official! Today Moog announced the Mother 32 semi modular synthesizer, a patchable complete eurorack compatible synthesizer. 32-total patch points, 32-step sequencer classic Moog ladder filter and enough analogue synthesis to keep even the most experienced users very happy indeed.
Moog Mother 32 Side Profile Moog Mother 32 Pre Order From KMR Audio
Housed in a aluminium chassis with rather tasteful wooden side panels, Mother32 can also be removed from its case and installed into an existing eurorack system. A complete moog synthesizer voice with it's own dedicated sequencer in 54HP, what more is there to like? Multimode filter, PWM, modulation polarity switching and a MIDI to CV converter provide a complete synthesis experience weather used stand alone or within your modular environment. To complement the Mother32 Moog have also announced a range of inexpensive Eurorack cases and accessories: Two tier rack chassis allows for mounting of two mother 32 synths or two tiers of 54HP modular goodies. Also avilable is a three tier, 60HP expansion case, 104HP expansion case and a range of patch cables.
Mother 32 rack cases Moog Mother 32 Rack Case
Mother32 is shipping 2015 and is expected in November, pre order now to secure stock from the first UK shipment. Written by Tom Lewis