Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 Desktop Annouced

Dave Smith Prophet 6 Module Dave Smith Instruments today revealed the latest synthesizer to come out of the newly formed Sequential Circuits camp: the Prophet 6 Desktop Module. A 6-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer module that takes the architecture and workflow directly from the Prophet 6 Keyboard. After the sad announcement that some much loved products were reaching the end of the line, it's nice to see that with some immediacy DSI bring out something new for us. The Prophet 6 Desktop as you would expect is a module version of the Prophet 6 Keyboard. With 6 analogue voices, dual filters, DFX, poly mod and all the other fun features that make the P6 so easy and fun to use. Prophet 6 Module Front The knob encrusted user interface with one pot per function hasn't gone anywhere with the new incarnation either, if you want to control something, just reach out a grab it. This type of module format is more akin to the Prophet '08, which was the last desktop module from Dave Smith to retain it's bigger siblings UI: "No Menu Diving Here....." as Dave puts it. Probably what is going to be one of the more overlooked features, is the addition of Poly Chain, which is going to be an outstanding addition for any owners of a Prophet 6. 12 discrete voices of analogue polyphony? Yes please. Prophet 6 module side Taking more than just inspiration from the Prophet 5, the Prophet 6 and Prophet 6 Desktop combine the elements that made P5 the iconic instrument we love and revere even now. We're taking pre orders for the Prophet 6 Desktop now with stock expected in November. To pre order, simply click online, call us or visit us in store for expert information. Written by Tom Lewis