Dave Smith retires....some of his product range.

Dave Smith Mopho Bye Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye, even when it's to a synthesizer or other inanimate objects. Well that's exactly what Dave Smith Instruments are doing, it's time to say TTFN to some much loved models from the DSI catalogue. It's the end of the line for the Mopho, Mopho Keyboard, Mopho SE, Tetra and Evolver. Some of the most important pieces of synthesizer in history are no longer being produced and are now available in very limited numbers. The Mopho. Said to be the module that triggered the affordable analogue renaissance. It's logical layout, rich synthesis features and most importantly price point is what started the post VA analogue market to spring into life. It spawned a line of other affordable analogue instruments bearding its Mopho namesake. Dave Smith Mopho Module The Mopho keyboard introduced a 32 note keyboard and brought out some of the more hidden features of its desktop brother to the front panel. It still retained the single Prophet voice, deep modulation and raw synthesis capabilities but just made life easier. The Tetra then followed, provided the same sound set and capabilities as the mopho but gave us a staggering 4 voices in a compact desktop format. Cool poly sounds and an incredible module. The lesser known Mopho SE gave players an extended key range, smooth prophet PE knobs and a black livery. And saying farewell is the Evolver module, a powerful hybrid synthesizer that DSI brought into the world 13 years ago!!! Though it's not all crying and sadness.....we've got the Prophet 6 Desktop on the horizon and the promise of some new models in 2016. Fingers crossed for that Prophet 10.....! Prophet 10 by Tom Lewis