Ableton Push 2 released, updated, improved and more Pushy

Today Ableton announced the long awaited upgrade to their dedicated hardware controller Push.
Ableton Push 2 Ableton Push 2, Yum.
Push 2 is the latest control surface to come from the Ableton camp, cramming a tonne of new features, an much improved graphical display, faster UI and better browsing of Lives internal library. And probably what's more exciting than all of that combined? Well it now supports and controls third party plug-ins as well....! Yes, that's right you can now load up your favorite VST, AU or whatever else and PUSH 2 will recognise the control parameters and map them to the controls. This small but vital change isn't the only thing that's got everyone hyped for Ableton Push 2. With the release of Live 9.5 Ableton added in a full fledged and exceptionally cool audio sampler, when coupled with Push 2's new waveform display, provides a superb creative tool. This new version of PUSH has been developed all in-house, AKAI haven't been involved in the manufacture of PUSH 2. This one's all Ableton to the core. The first thing you'll notice about Live is the brand new, multi colour display which is far clearer and accurate than the previous incarnation of Push. This new interface makes performing with Live a lot cleaner and easier, helping you capture creativity when it strikes. Push 2 is available now, for more information or to place an order get in touch. by Tom Lewis