T'is the season to....get a MiniBrute

Arturia Price Drop Arturia has announced a massive range of deals available until 31st of January 2016, including a HUGE price drop on the incredible MiniBrute and MicroBrute analogue synths and bonus software bundled with the Keylab range.

The promotional offers include;

  • MiniBrute normally £399, now £289 inc VAT
  • SparkLE normally £179, now £139 inc VAT
  • KeyLab Controllers for a limited time includes Mini-V, Jupiter-8V, Vox Continental-V and Wurlitzer-V
So if you're looking to expand your sound palette, then now is a great time to add real analogue synthesis with the MiniBrute, some vintage synthesizer emulations with V-collection and even expand your drum library with SparkLE. Arturia MicrobruteThe MicroBrute is a firm favorite at KMR towers, the big raw punchy sound of its bigger sibling in a more compact, semi-modular form factor. The included 8-point patchbay makes for some interesting modulation combinations that are otherwise impossible within its architecture. Sure it's got mini keys....but who cares!? The "Brutes" are one of the more overlooked machines in the current climate and I think that's a bad thing, they sing and squeal like a vintage SH-101 but with a more bite and girth. And for those who don't know, you can load the sequencer ability from the MiniBrute SE onto your vanilla MiniBrute with a simple SYSex dump - further expanding the capabilities of this already pretty menacing monosynth. It's called "Brute" for a reason you know......!! If you've ever considered a MiniBrute or a MicroBrute, then there's no better time to get involved. If you have any queries about this offer or would like to order contact us on 020 8445 2446 or at sales@kmraudio.com By Tom Lewis