Moog System 15, the last one ever!

Moog System 15 KMR Author Button TomLewis

It's official, we have the very last Moog Modular System 15 in stock and on demo. Taken from the 2015 run of 150 units worldwide, this "made to era" modular synthesizer has been built using the same components and build techniques, using the schematics from the original vintage systems to create something that is unlike anything else you've heard.

System 15

It is truly a one of a kind museum quality modular system that begs to be played. This very iconic powerhouse is on demo whilst it is available @ our Whetstone store along with our wide range of synths, drum machines and Eurorack.

Housed in a incredibly rugged Tolex carry case, and supplied with plenty of patch cables, this incredible modular consists of a "who's who" of Moog modules:

  • 2x 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers
  • 1x 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
  • 1x 907A Fixed Filter Bank
  • 2x 911 Envelope Generators
  • 1x 921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • 1x 921A Oscillator driver
  • 2x 921B Oscillators
  • 1x 923 Random Noise/Filter
  • 1x 995 Attenuator
  • 1x CP15 Console Panel

For more information or to book a demo, speak to our in house synthesizer specialist Tom Lewis.