AMS RMX16 500 Series

500 Series Digital Stereo Reverb

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500 Series Recreation of the legendary RMX16 reverb microprocessor-controller digital reverb.

At a glance

  • The legendary RMX16 into a small, convenient format
  • Includes all 9 original programs and the additional 9 found on the original remote control.
  • Musical reverbs full of unique character
  • Uses “Carpet graph” parameter tables for optimal tuning and retuning of programs.
  • Made in Burnley, UK
  • The AMS RMX16 500 is a 500 series adaptation of the legendary RMX16 stereo digital reverb providing the same character and musicality in a small and convenient format. that made the original a stable in all the best-recording studios around the world.

    The AMS RMX16 500 features all 9 standard programs of the original, as well as the additional 9that were made available later via the remote control. These programs have been extensively used on countless classic recordings from the ’80s onwards. 

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