Arturia Matrixbrute Analogue Synthesizer

Powerful modular analogue synthesizer


The Arturia MatrixBrute is a powerful three oscillator analogue synthesizer, with a rich, deep subtractive architecture and a wealth of modulation options. Matrixbrute is an inspiring, serious powerhouse sound design tool, a true modern classic.

The Arturia MatrixBrute is a powerful three oscillator analogue synthesizer, with a rich, deep subtractive architecture and a wealth of modulation options.

Matrixbrute is an inspiring, serious powerhouse sound design tool, it utilises some of the much loved features found in the MiniBrute and borrows some of the modular ideas from the MicroBrute. With a 100% analogue signal path, powerful modulation capabilities and enough tools and features to keep the keenest of tweakers busy for a very long time. Modular workflow, without the cables.

A gateway to unexplored synthesis domains, the onboard modulation Matrix is a highly sophisticated modulation patching panel, made up of a group of 128 LED push buttons, it allows you to dial in unique modulation combinations with a single push. There's preset storage for your modulation routings, and even space for creating custom destinations within the mod matrix itself which are visible form the high contrast e-ink display.

The patching matrix also doubles as the interface for the step sequencer, making programming a breeze with direct visual feedback and a sensible layout. The sequencer runs up to 64-steps and includes slides, glides and modulation control options; meaning you can automate parameters from the sequencer itself. 

When it comes to raw synthesis power Matrixbrute doesn't disappoint, it employs three highly configurable analogue oscillators; 

- Two exponential analogue oscillators, with the same waveforms parameter controls from the MiniBrute; saw, square, triangle and sub all with a unique, modulatable feature to enhance the raw wave form. 

- One linear oscillator, that can also functions as an LFO for extra modulation capabilities.

- Each VCO is routed to an onboard mixer, where the filter routing and levels can be set per VCO.

- Seperate noise generator, with dedicated mix control.

This unique analogue monster also employs two analogue filters circuits;

- The very aggressive and raw Steiner Parker filter, as found in the other Brute synths. With multiple states and a four different modes.

- A classic ladder filter circuit with two states and three different modes.

Each of the filters can be used independently to dial in some interesting dual filter sounds, they can also be routed in series or parallel and run through a master cut off control. They can also self oscillate, meaning they can be used as extra pitched sound sources / sine wave oscillators if desired.

To maintain true analogue signal fidelity, Arturia have opted to use an analogue effects section including chorus, delay, flanger and reverbs. Each effects parameters are of course modulatable via the onboard modulation Matrix.

When it comes to modulation, you of course have the huge matrix patch panel but you also have three envelope generators, two LFO's and a combi LFO VCO for an incredibly wide scope of synthesis capabilities. With the matrix patching system, complex intermodulation and cross modulation patches can be created with ease.

MatrixBrute isn't short on connectivity either, is includes a plethora of CV and gate connections for modular integration. The synth also includes MIDI and USB connectivity. The Arturia MatrixBrute is a highly configurable analogue synthesizer, with a a wide array modulation capabilities and a huge sonic toolkit at its disposal.

The main features of the Arturia MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesizer include

Three oscillators, two with Brute architecture and waveforms

Two LFO's and a single VCO LFO oscillator

128 point LED patching matrix

Two analogue filters

64-step sequencer

256 memory locations

49-note keyboard

Huge array of CV connectivity


Multiple audio inputs

Onboard arpeggiator

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